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Rebate Guidelines

SCE's Residential Quality Maintenance (QM) Program provides a variety of rebate options for homeowners.

  1. System Assessment Rebate*: If you have your system assessed using a computer-based diagnostic system, you may be eligible for a $50 instant rebate** to offset the cost of the assessment.
  2. System Optimization Rebate*: If you make repairs to your system that increase the efficiency and optimize the performance of the unit, you may be eligible for an additional $50 instant rebate** to offset the costs of the repairs.
  3. Preventive Maintenance Rebate*: If your system meets the requirements for the System Optimization Rebate and you purchase a one (1) year pre-paid preventive maintenance agreement, you may be eligible for a $50 rebate to offset the cost of the service.
  4. Advanced Airflow Rebate*: If you make repairs to improve the airflow of your system to 400 cfm per ton or greater, you may be eligible for a $350 rebate to offset the cost of those repairs.
  5. Brushless Fan Motors*: If you install a Brushless Fan Motor, you may be eligible for a $220 rebate to offset the cost of installation.


    *Maintenance Agreements and services must be purchased from a participating program contractor. All HVAC systems must meet program performance requirements.

    **Instant rebates are paid directly to participating contractors. This instant rebate will be deducted from their service invoice.

Unsure whether to maintain, repair, or replace your air conditioning system? Let our program contractors help you determine the best course of action. These rebates are designed to help SCE's Residential customers reduce the costs of regular maintenance and necessary repairs to save energy, reduce costs, and increase indoor comfort.

How It Works

When it's time to maintain your A/C system, you want quality. You want to optimize your system and reduce your energy use. SCE's Quality Maintenance Program focuses on training HVAC technicians to deliver advanced diagnostic services with additional air flow and refrigeration testing.

These services go far beyond standard maintenance programs by applying the latest technology to comprehensively diagnose performance. Tests before and after the maintenance tasks are performed show the technician and the homeowner changes in the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and assist in determining if additional repairs are needed to fully optimize the unit.

To ensure longer lasting benefits of these premium services or repairs made during these visits, customers should consider entering into a pre-paid one year Preventive Maintenance Agreement that includes a minimum of one follow up visit after the initial service is performed. Preventive Maintenance Agreements are one of the most cost effective ways to ensure your A/C is providing optimal comfort and is operating as efficiently as possible.

Use our Helpful Tips when hiring a contractor. Participating contractors utilize sound industry practices.

Note: To be eligible for rebates, you must use a participating contractor. If your preferred contractor is not in our program yet, have them contact us to inquire about becoming a participating contractor.

To qualify for these rebates:

  • Services must be performed at a single family dwelling with an active SCE Residential account. (A single family dwelling is defined as a standalone home or an attached home with less than four units.)
  • The Assessment and Optimization service must utilize a Program-approved Diagnostic System with advanced air flow and refrigeration testing.
  • The system must meet Program Test-In and Test-Out diagnostic assessments.
  • Any applicable rebate forms must be complete and submitted by the participating contractor.

The customer is under no obligation to perform services or repairs outside of those which the customer has approved; however, additional services or repairs may be required to qualify for the Residential Quality Maintenance Rebates.


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