Do I have to use a participating contractor to install my new AC unit in order to be eligible for the rebate?

Yes. SCE pays a rebate for the Quality Installation of the unit and not the unit itself, therefore the installation must be done by a participating contractor in the program.

I do not see my city listed under the Rebate Guidelines. Does this mean I am not eligible for the program?

The cities listed are used just as guidelines. As long as you are an SCE customer you are eligible for the program.

How long is this program running through?

The program is currently approved through December 31st 2016 or until funds are no longer available, whichever comes first. The program is expected to be extended through 2016.

How long will it take receive my rebate from SCE?

It can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks from the date that SCE receives your approved documents. The time frame varies depending on the volume of rebates that SCE's accounts payable department is currently processing.

What do the distinction levels mean?

Platinum means that the contractor has completed a minimum of 50 installations, Gold - 30, Silver - 5, Bronze - 1 and Enrolled means they are new to our program.


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