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Become an approved A/C Quality Installation Contractor and give your customers rebates up to $750* for Quality Installation.

An improper installation costs more in the long run–using more electricity, running up the customer's bill, and making their air conditioner work harder, which can shorten equipment life. Customers can lose as much as 30 percent of the cooling efficiency they're paying for.

Quality Installation

Common installation problems such as low air flow, improper charge, or duct leakage can reduce the efficiency of air conditioner installations. When it's time to for customers to replace their HVAC system, it is important that they receive a quality installation. Southern California Edison (SCE) is here to help the customer overcome the higher cost of installing air conditioning equipment and help you overcome the higher cost of meeting ENERGY STAR® Quality Installation Guidelines. To ensure the customer receives the best performance, their new equipment must be properly installed.

To make sure the equipment performs and the installation is right SCE provides a rebate of up to $750* to the customer and additional incentives to the contractor after the equipment is installed. By participating in this program the customer can be assured that sound industry practices were used during the design and installation of the system, the equipment operates at the designed efficiency levels and pays them back overtime through lower energy bills.

Installation costs can be substantially decreased when customers combine this program with manufacturer rebates and the additional county rebates potentially available for high efficiency equipment.

How It Works

Unlike most utility rebate programs that focus solely on the efficiency of the air conditioning equipment, this program focuses on the installation, making sure it meets ENERGY STAR® Quality Installation (QI) Guidelines. These guidelines address selecting the right equipment to match the needs of the customer's home, ensuring that there is proper airflow across the indoor coil, verifying that the correct amount of refrigerant is included in the system at start-up and sealing the ducts to minimize leakage.

In order to qualify for the rebate, the customer must have their system installed by a participating program contractor per the ENERGY STAR® QI Guidelines. For each installation submitted to the program, the contractor must provide documentation of the following:

  • Manual J load calculations
  • Manual S or Entering Air calculations
  • AHRI certificate
  • Building Permit
  • Commissioning Report
  • Signed Program Application
  • Customer invoice

After the system is installed, SCE will verify the system in accordance to ANSI/ACCA 9 QIVP - 2010 HVAC Quality Installation Verification Protocols. These protocols establish minimum requirements for verifying that residential HVAC systems meet the HVAC Quality Installation Standard. At a minimum, this requires 100% inspection on initial jobs until 3 consecutive jobs pass inspection. After these first jobs pass inspection, sampling protocols are followed to ensure continued compliance with program requirements.

How Do I Participate

The rebates offered through this program are only available to customers who have their system maintained, repaired, or installed by a participating contractor. In order to become a participating contractor, you must:

  1. Complete and sign Participation Agreement. Complete and sign a Contractor Participation Agreement. The Contractor Participation Agreement is a formal agreement between SCE and the contractor that defines the program rules and contractor participation requirements. All contractors must be trained and participating in the QI Program before they can be trained in the QM Program.
  2. Attend Load Calculation software training. You must attend software training sessions for Manual J, D, and S load calculations. The training session will provide you with an overview of both the administrative and technical requirements of the program. This three day training session must be completed in its entirety. For more information about the training sessions contact our call center at (800)378-7503.
  3. Complete Field Commissioning training. This training session will provide you with an overview of the proper documentation and process to commission a unit using ACCA/ANSI standards. This training must be scheduled after you have attended the Software Training.
  4. Once you have satisfactorily met the Program training requirements, you are ready to participate in the QI Program and distinguish yourself as ENERGY STAR QI contractor.

Rebate Guidelines

Quality Installation Rebate (Replace): In some cases, the extent of repairs or the age of the equipment may suggest a need or desire by the customer to replace the unit with new unit. If this is the case, SCE offers rebates to customers who install the new unit according to SCE's ENERGY STAR Quality Installation Program guidelines. More information can be found at www.ac-quality.com.

Qualifying Customers

This program is available for SCE residential customers with an active service account who maintain or repair an existing central air conditioner or install a new or replacement central air conditioner or heat pump. Customers who have more than one system at a qualifying site are eligible for rebates for each system.

To qualify for these rebates, customers must have services or installations performed at a single family (attached or detached) residence. All units must meet minimum program performance standards and all work must be performed by a Program Participating Contractor.

Quality Installation Guidelines

The ANSI/ACCA 5 QI-2010: HVAC Quality Installation Specification is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved standard that describes the necessary steps a contractor must take to ensure a quality installation.

Quality Installation focuses on how well the equipment is selected and installed. ENERGY STAR® has adopted the ACCA Quality Installation Specification as the basic guideline for its program, so your contractor's familiarity with it helps assure you of quality work.

The QI Specification was developed by a broad coalition of industry experts, including contractors, original equipment manufacturers, utilities and industry associations. The core areas include:

  • Equipment aspects such as building heat gain/loss load calculations, equipment capacity selection and matched components (indoor and outdoor)
  • Installation aspects such as airflow, refrigeration charge and electrical requirements
  • Duct distribution aspects such as duct leakage and air balance
  • Documentation aspects such as proper system documentation and owner education.

The QI Specification ensures that sound industry practices were used during the design and installation of the air conditioning system, meaning that your equipment operates efficiently and helps save you money as long as you use it, assuming proper maintenance. In order to maintain optimal operation throughout the life of the equipment, proper maintenance and servicing should be conducted as recommended by the installing contractor.


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